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3500 English Words v4.3.2 APk For android Download

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In the app a 3500 nouns, verbs, adjectives and numerals are presented, broken into groups: Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate. Words can be learned using notifications, including Pebble, Android Wear and Tizen. You can hear how it’s pronounced. The present set of words is unique, although the words used in it are necessary for understanding English speech and English texts. All words have been translated into 79 languages. We should put them into subconscious memory to make our brain remember the words, and it’s not enough to learn by rote. We have to look through them periodically. That’s why the words which you’ve learnt are removed from the list automatically, but they appear again some time later. It’s repeated several times with different intervals.

* It is possible to add any words for studying of any languages, including in batch mode (at once some words)

– The simple and easy application works without the Internet;

– There are no built-in purchases and there is no advertizing;

– In this application you will find 3500 English words with recorded pronunciation of native speakers;

– All words are translated into 79 languages;

– Each word has a translation of most used meanings;

– It is possible to add the words in different languages with the translation into any language and in any quantity, and not just to use the built-in English words. Addition is carried out through a convenient form on the site of the program or manually on a link to file, posted online. For this purpose it is necessary to copy the link to the TXT file in the popup window of the program appearing after pressing of the button “+” in the section of dictionaries;

– 4 types of exercises: learning, dictation, test and writing;

– In 2 types of exercises you will get stars;

– All words will be repeated with adjustable intervals – that helps to learn words permanently.

– For exercises it is possible to choose the whole dictionary, having pressed in the field of a mark;

– It is possible to choose color of a font and the picture for the background;

– At dictionary options you can manage words learning stages;

– You can set notifications out to status bar (notification area) with adjustable intervals for learning unlearned words with translation from desired categories. You also can switch off notifications by clicking on time of notification, or setback previous option by second click;

– You can set time interval for notifications. If “AFTER” time interval set for notifications is the same as set in “BEFORE”, notifications will be displayed all the time;

– You can set time of notification hiding at “DURATION”;

– By notifications you are able to set learning words with translation out on your devices or smart watches like Pebble or Android Wear or Tizen Wearable. To do this – choose current app “3500 English Words” at your official Pebble watch app (settings -> notification -> All Apps -> select “3500 English Words” (it is shown on the last 8th screenshot)), then turn on notifications in the app settings (for Android Wear and Tizen Wearable is enough turn on notifications in current app “3500 English Words”). You need to set notifications period for 1 minute (parameter “PERIOD” 6th screenshot) or longer and choose themes after pressing the “START” button on the main screen of the app (ticks opposite themes), in this case the “PLAY” button should become active. Notifications will be displayed when app is minimized or closed.

Size: 29.9 MB

Version: 4.3.2

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