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Alien war v1.0 Android Game Apk Download

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Addictive 2D action shooter game!

In the year 2067 the world reached a critical point of self-destruct due to its loss of resources, putting in danger all the mankind. Nations from all around the world gather every year to train soldiers in order to conquer our solar sistem planets so we can move to a safer place.

The science researches from the past couple of years has shown us that all the planets are capable to sustain life even that is a huge step to make in order to habit another planet. The satellites that sourveillance our solar sistem also shown us that the alien life from the planets has grown. The aiens evolved and now they have claws, sharp teeth, great speed, really aggressive, they sense everything in the dark and they hunt in packs.

High caliber weapons, assault rifles, plasma and proton guns, digital camouflage armors, robot armors and nano technology suits are available for those who will fight against the aliens.

Those wich are brave enough to start the space program are introduced to new technology and a rough training sesions. Only a few are chosen to be sent to clear the planets from the aliens. After they are introduced to the conquer plans, all the needs are packed and ready to be launched into space along with the warriors of the world. Because the time is short untill our world will explode and because those who will open new gates for mankind are few, they will land alone in different places and after the area is cleared they must comeback in the spaceship to rest and upgrade the guns and armors.

Some planets hide the worst kind of aliens, making the battle really difficult but the technology is on your side. Kill every alien and nest from your area, save money for new weapons and armors and bring hope for the mankind.


– Great 2D art design.

– Unlock new planets to fight with different type of aliens.

– Unlock new armors and weapons to be with a step in front of your enemies.

– Search and hunt the aliens.

– Destroy the alien nests.

– Chalange your friend for the highest score.

This App is FREE and SAFE to USE!!!

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