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couchgram – Conceal calls 3.0.7 Apk For Android Download

couchgram – Conceal calls 3.0.7 Apk For Android Download

couchgram – Conceal calls 3.0.7 – 

Why Couchgram?

– Embrarrassed of your useless pattern lock for your incoming call? Please use Couchgram to lock your incoming call!

– Embrarrassed of your phone screen lighting in places like the movies? Use Couchgram to quickly control your screen brightness and be able to use your phone, regardless your location!

– Frustrated you missed important calls because you couldn’t take them? Use Couchgram to forward your incoming call to chatting so you don’t miss any important messages..

– Bored of the same incoming call background image? Use Couchgram to spice them up!

– How can all of this be possible? By using Couchgram!

▶Call Privacy Mode

– Protect the privacy of your calls by being the only one to unlock and receive them.

– Place a call lock on either all of your contacts or just specific ones.

– Be able to display your friend’s nickname without changing his or her contacts name.

– You can also choose to not display either the caller’s name or phone number for incoming calls!

▶Forward Incoming Calls to our Chatting Service

– Can’t answer the phone at the moment? Then, forward the call to chatting mode!

– One simple tap on the ‘Forwarding to chatting service’ button on an incoming call and you’re done!

– The caller doesn’t have Couchgram? No worries, your friend will receive your message as a SMS.

– What about just sending a text? No! Couchgram forwards your call to our chatting service in one simple tap, and any messages sent from our chatting service are free.

▶Theatre Mode

– Be able to use your smartphone even in dark places like the movies by setting the screen’s brightness to a darker screen than the usual phone configuration allows.

– Crowded places? Protect what’s on your phone’s screen by lowering the brightness.

– Be able to spend time with the people you love without distractions. Use Theatre Mode to control your phone’s brightness!

▶Incoming Call Wallpapers

– Express your preferences by selecting unique incoming call wallpapers.

– Try selecting photos that capture your favorite moments.

▶Status Bar Mode

You can simply turn on and off each feature in our status bar when you slide it down from the top of your phone.

Size: 8.7 MB

Version: 3.0.7

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