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New age v1.01.15 Android Game Download APk

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New Age is a multiplayer online RPG game featuring elements of tactics and exciting atmosphere. The game takes place in a world where the ability to build wise strategy determines your success.

The story unfolds in a beautiful fairy world, called «Aquillion». Long time ago, these lands were shaken by a terrible disaster that split the world into several continents, and gave birth to numerous horrible monsters. For years, the best warriors withstood the monsters’ onslaught, perfecting their mastery of various melees and ranged weapons and practicing the art of magic.

But now «Aquillion» is in a serious danger, and You, along with thousands of other players, will take part in great battles both on land and in the sea, exciting adventures that last for many days, creating the fate of your new world with your own hands.

Game features:

— Dozens of different characters of various classes with unique skills, weapons and equipment.

— PvP-arena fighting against one or several players. Give your enemies a Whipping!

— Too hard to fight alone? You can team up with other players, join a clan or even create your own!

— Several thousands of different weapons and uniforms, ranging from homemade sword, to such masterpiece as mythic flaming weapon.

— Full control over your character in the battle. No automatic fights – only you decide how your character should act, what skills to use, and which spell will crush your enemies.

— Some of the quests can be completed even without a fight thanks to the dialogue system in the game. One will choose the path of «Killing» and break through the enemy’s defense, another one can choose the path of «Diplomacy and Trickery» and bribe the guards. One also can choose the path of «Stealth and Thievery» and get around the enemy to reach his goal.

— Battlefield and obstacles on it, impassable areas, various interactive objects affecting surrounding characters and man-made obstacles that are created by players themselves.

— Your character’s fame and valor will grow alongside with you discoveries of the game world and you will get new opportunities and options.

To create special weapons and armor you will need unique resources, which can be owned only be the best representatives of the chosen profession.

The diversity of political intrigues and massive battles will be revealed only to Clan members. Imagine the assault on the castles and mines, which bring their owners valuable resources, and the glory of the vast Aquillion.

You will be able to join one of the alliances. Each has its own unique philosophy and development strategy. If you feel the makings of a leader inside, you can establish your own alliance, announcing itself to the world and achieve total domination, conquering both military clans and merchant guilds.

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