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Paper monster town APK For Android Game Download

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A town occupied by an extraterrestrial monster ,in this town you can all terrain combat, no matter is the roof, street lamp or wire rod can be used as your combat stronghold

4 optional characters

4 short legs carton role

2 control modes

1 use the left joystick to control the character movement, use the right joystick to control the left and right steering and the muzzle of the elevation and fire.

2 click on the target with one finger

5 weapons

This version 5 of the weapons available in finished third and 8 pass will respectively unlock weapons and different weapons in power, precision and loading capacity are different

For unlocked weapons you can try in the game, after the clip weapon will automatically switch to the unlocked weapon

3 kinds of fire support

1 Rockets: the use of a rocket can be used to set 5 rockets hit the target, after the completion of the sixth off will unlock the 3 powerful rockets

2 automatic machine gun: This version only allows the maximum of 3, automatic machine guns will automatically attack from its nearest monster

3 armed helicopter: the helicopter will always follow you and give priority to the attack from your nearest monster.

Download APK v1.0.0 [28.5 MB]

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