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Slingshot range: Golden target Android Game Download

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Slingshot range: Golden target is a great opportunity to remember your childhood, pick up a slingshot and start destroying hundreds of bottles, cans, clay pots, moving targets and more a huge set of everything that may come to mind. Moreover, you can even make a real fireworks and undermine something with it! And if you were a perfect kid, then it’s time for you to relax and give free rein to your desire to destroy anything! All of us want this sometimes, is not it?

Different kind of slingshots and a lot of ammunition will help you in destroying all of targets in the game and special bonuses will give you the opportunity to achieve goals faster and easier. In addition, it is unclear how some hand appears sometimes to make attempt to spoil your life. But there is a board on it, because you can shoot the cactus! And what hand would want to deal with the cactus?

Five sets of levels with very different targets and the principle of their destruction will not let you get bored, and special achievements in each of them will attract the attention of even the most well-aimed and demanding shooters.

And now a little advice for the passage of each set of levels:

Cans battle:

– You can choose convenient for you control in settings.

– Consider the wind and its strength when shooting.

– Try to shoot faster and accurately. It gives bonus.

– Upgrade your slingshot. It allows you to shoot more accurately.

– Buy weapons in the store. They allow you to pass the level faster.

Beat the crocks:

– The targets could be anywhere: on trees, fences, gates…

– Wheels, cans and ads on fences are targets too.

– Try to destroy the bonus targets as soon as they appear.

– Try to have time to destroy exploding targets.

– Use petards and stones to destroy targets more quickly.


– Shoot at the centre of turntable, to launch a rocket to the barrel.

– Hit to the barrel from a slingshot don’t cause damage to it.

– Green rockets cause weak damage, yellow – medium and red – high.

– In addition to capture the targets hand can beat your ammo.

– Exploding barrels start to burn if an explosion occurs near them.

– Hand never tries to fight off the flying cactus.

Alcohol is evil:

– Buy special attacks. They will help you to destroy the moving targets.

– Achievements in each set of levels will give you extra coins.

– Hand stops hanging new bottles when there is no place.

– If you don’t have enough coins, you can get them in the store.

Training camp:

– Indicators on the shelves are ticking till adding new target.

– There are 3 bonus special attacks hidden at levels of the game.

– Magnet facilitates aiming at metal targets.

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