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SWAT Helicopter Mission Hostil v 1.0.1 APK For Android Game Download

SWAT Helicopter Mission Hostil v 1.0.1 APK For Android Game Download (1)

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Get inside army helicopter cockpit for intense war action, fly gunship helicopter over enemy territory and destroy their bases with airstrike and heavy bombardment. Play SWAT Helicopter Mission Hostile to engage war against powerful terrorists with comanche gunship air attack.

SWAT Helicopter Features:
10 action based missions to annihilate terrorist groups
Gunship aircraft with rotary machine gun and missile launcher
Realistic aerial view of battle field with army camps and vehicles
Amazing controls for smooth flying and best FPS gameplay
High quality 3D graphics and awesome animations
Terrorist groups are gathering illegal arms of mass destruction, lethal weapons on top of snowy mountain hideout. Weapons like long range missile, rocket launchers and bombs to blow up our army camps and attack cities. Take off from military helipad and fly in comanche chopper. SWAT pilot is flying gunship helicopter, as gunner and aim to drop hellfire with bombs and bullets on enemies territory. Your co-pilot getting anti air machine guns in radar aiming at your comanche helicopter. Use gatling gun or rocket launcher to destroy enemy war machines and army truck. Shoot to kill armed terrorist with AK-47 to save your army aircraft. Drop bombs and destroy their army hummer, arms depot, fighter aircrafts and chopper helicopters. Prepare for air combat mission and engage in airstrike with bomb explosion on enemy armed vehicles and aircrafts like hellfire. This air attack is a modern day world war to counter armed terrorists with flying gunship helicopter.
Army helicopter pilot controls the chopper flight from cockpit while you shooting gatling machine gun to kill enemy soldiers and blow up their hideouts by heavy bombing. Silence enemy guns, fire missiles to aim rocket launcher vehicle, tanks and their arms store. Rescue american heroes and US army troops on ground battle field. Start shooting and firing missiles on their base camp and style trucks. Take out armed rebels and apc vehicle before they destroy your fighter SWAT helicopter. If you like ww2 based games like battle on normandy beach destroying army supplies and parking wars game for omaha beach. Enjoy one of the best helicopter flying and action gameplay on your android smartphones and tablets.
Download the action packed parking wars 3D game for best first person shooting and flying experience. SWAT Helicopter Mission Hostile is a tribute to US military forces and all army heroes around the world.

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