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Welcome to Paradise Android Game 2016

You wake up near a plane crash in the middle of a desert. Your only salvation lies in following letters left by the pilot, hoping someone will come to save him. To survive this endeavor you must find. . . Rick Tanely.

Welcome to Paradise.

A non-traditional exploration title from Bunny Metal Entertainment. Explore the abandoned Paradise Canyon Resort, years ago retaken by the desert, every step you take; a step closer to death.

Every minute you stop to think; a minute closer to your last.

Your only guide; the notes left by a pilot at the end of his rope.

This game was not meant for the purpose of being traditionally “fun.” You are not told how to play the game, only how to control it, and barely even that. If you don’t get it quickly you will die. Follow the instructions. Explore at your own risk. Listen to Rick. The clock is ticking. Good Luck.

The game is not currently controller compatible, but we’re working on it.

Paradise has not been tested on many different phones, but seems to run nigh perfectly on a 2013 Droid Mini, so use that as a baseline if you must. The Beta GFX options introduced in 1.0.10 will always crash a 2012 Razr M, but otherwise it can actually run it under the best conditions. It is recommended to have MORE than 1GB of RAM before purchase, but 1 GB will suffice.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher




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