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You are god v1.0 Android For APk Free Download

You are god v1.0 ANdroid

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[appbox googleplay com.BefuddleBug.YouAreGod]

You have created a new planet and you must care for it. Warm the planet with sunlight and wet it down with rain. If the conditions are right, life may develop. If there is plant life, it’s possible that animal life may form. Once there is animal life, it may develop sentience. Once this happens the lifeforms will create a new religion to offer solace to their fears and desires.

Will they worship you, or will they come up with a different God?

Will the different nations turn on each other, fighting over which religion is correct, or will they unite in harmony and develop new technologies together?

Will they become advanced enough to journey into space and potentially leave the planet entirely?

They will live their lives, following their own free will, but you must guide them and care for them if they are to reach their full potential. You are God.

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