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In the first half of 2018, Tiktok app ranked among the most downloaded apps. This app review highlights the features and essential things you need to know about TikTok.


Features of TikTok Android App

Allows watching millions of musical clips

When planning to create unique and variety of music video clips, tik tok app features enable users to explore, watch millions of musical clips and have a whole lot of fun.

Allows users shoot short video clips

If you like shooting short video clips for fun, tiktok has a unique feature that will enable users to select sounds from various categories, directly record, edit and upload tiktok video clips from their devices for 15 seconds. With multiple music styles, tik to platform creates a buzz for the youngsters.

Special effect features

The special effects include shivering and shaking with electronic music and hip-hop, 3D tickers, hair dying and props. Specially designed for digital native generations and creators of social media, special features allow users to select background music and creation of magical clips. Through image capturing technology and artificial intelligence special effects will enable the user to make music clips easy.

Sharing multiple social platforms

Users can create a lip-synchronizing short music video and to share the video on numerous social media platforms such as Instagram, messengers, Whatsapp and Facebook. Ability to share on multiple platforms is a necessary feature to consider before the development of musical video-sharing apps.

Private settings features

When you do not want everyone to see or share your videos then Tik tok app private settings, allow users to set their accounts as private. Tik tok allow only approved people to access content and restricts banned people from sending messages or comment on the user’s content.

Pros of Tik Tok app

The app allows users to make and share beautiful short videos like filters, music and effects.It will enable following other users by joining, commenting and sharing videos.

The Downs

The app might hang or be slow when there is not enough space in your phone. However, with enough space, you are set to enjoy the best performance of the app.

With the rapid growth of tiktok app across various countries, several questions have come up concerning tiktok. These questions include:

Can TikTok earn money?

While there is no known partnership with tik tok to earn revenues, tik tok users can make million dollars from their tremendous followers. You need to understand how to monetize your followers on your app.

Do Tiktokers get paid?

Tiktokers get paid. Depending on the number of followers the tiktoker has, the App has virtual gift programs. When followers purchase monetary gifts and other paid videos, 50% of every dollar received goes to the tiktoker.

Can tik tok die?

Although there has been a rumour tiktok is shutting down, there is no possibility of tik tok dying. It can only undergo modification to become better and efficient with more features.

Does tik tok have ads?

The probable answer to this question is yes. If you have installed tiktok app on your phone, then cookies are stores, and this is what Google uses to show ads. With tik tok, you are likely to see ads more often.

Does tik tok use a lot of data?

Compared to other apps, tiktok use less data.

Video from Asian users:

Take away

Overall, if you are a fun of creating short videos for sharing on social media platforms, TikTok app is all you need. It will give you a complete change on how you interact with your music and videos. All you need is to download and get set to have the fun you were missing with other apps.

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